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White Collar Crimes Archives

The facts on fair use and copyright law

Copyright law protects the intellectual property of individuals and businesses so that they can make profits off their video, audio or textual products. However, there are instances where an outside party can use part of another person's intellectual property for authorized purposes, otherwise known as fair use. Arizona residents may wonder, however, how far fair use goes, as courts will not always accept a fair use argument.

Defining insider trading

Many in Scottsdale may refuse to see any of the proverbial "shades of grey" when it comes to criminal accusations. Some of the clients that we here at the Ramos Law Firm have worked with fear that assumption may keep people from believing their claims of innocence to whatever charges they face. Unfortunately, criminal accusations can often be quite ambiguous, with misinterpretations as to your motives (or actions) resulting in you being implicated a crime simply due to your associations. This is often prevalent in cases involving white collar crimes. 

What happens when one evades taxes?

Although tax season has come and gone, a plethora of schemes are already in the making for next year's forms. And while such crimes can be serious, they can have an equally severe effect on a person's reputation and overall quality of life. What happens when an Arizona resident escapes this mandatory process?

June sentencing set in bitcoin case

Many people in Arizona may have heard of bitcoin but may not fully understand what it is or how it works. One thing many people may know, however, is that bitcoin is not currently subject to regulation by the federal government yet it is not illegal in and of itself. Essentially bitcoin is a virtual type of currency that may be used in online transactions.

Tax mistakes: fraud or negligence?

While countless Americans have yet to begin the yearly process of filing taxes, some have already experienced issues along the way. There are a number of stages that could go wrong during this potentially tricky procedure, but one that can have the biggest impact involves tax evasion. Arizona, like other states, enforces strict laws surrounding tax fraud. What are the repercussions, and how can one tell the difference between tax evasion and negligence? 

Violation of privacy alleged in appeal process

People in Arizona who hear about criminal trials for any type of offense need to keep in mind that even after an initial trial decision, the criminal justice system allows for additional steps if necessary. The appeals process can be a way of achieving a different outcome and offers defendants more opportunities to ensure that their rights are properly protected. Even an initial criminal appeal that may not end up in a manner favorable to a defendant can be appealed further in some situations.

Justice Department considers limiting repeat corporate punishment

"Repeated punishment for the same conduct has the potential to undermine the spirit of fair play and the rule of law," said Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the No. 2 official at the Justice Department. "This is why the department is committed to making a concerted effort to apportion penalties among both international and domestic agencies, where appropriate."

What are the common types of white collar crime?

The phrase "white collar crime" does not refer to just one type of illegal activity. Rather, it refers to several different crimes, all of which fall under the umbrella of white collar crime. Typically, white collar crime refers to a crime that is intended to achieve financial gain through the use of deceit.

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