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State changes mind on death penalty

Arizona is one of the states in the country where the death penalty is still legal and some prosecutors continue to push for this as the ultimate penalty for select offenses. However, defendants should know that even if a prosecution has requested the death penalty be given to them, this is not always what will happen.

Defendant enters plea deal in sexual assault case

Arizona residents who are charged with criminal offenses understandably can be concerned about what type of consequences they may face if they are ultimately convicted of a crime. However, it is important for defendants to know that in addition to the possibility of proving one's innocence, part of the criminal defense process also allows for a plea bargain to be entered into.

False rape allegations and justice served

No matter the angle of debate or persons involved, rape is a complex and sensitive topic. Given today's issues, it is evident that this type of crime is hardly a problem of the past. And as serious as rape is, there are likewise individuals who become caught in the trap of false accusations. All states, including Arizona, offer individuals a fair investigation upon rape allegations. These investigations are crucial in that a defendant's personal and professional life, well being and reputation are all on the line for an incident that never actually happened. 

AG Sessions tells gathering that violent crime rate is surging

Speaking before a law enforcement conference in Alabama recently, Attorney General Jeff Sessions reported that "violent crime is back with a vengeance." He reported that the nationwide murder rate increased in 2015 by nearly 11 percent, which would represent the fastest increase since 1968. "Per capita homicide rates are up in 27 of our 35 largest cities," he said.

Court skeptical of 'therapeutic' polygraph tests for parolees

The U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services has apparently been using lie detector tests as on criminal defendants in what it refers to as "therapeutic polygraphy." That this has been going on for decades comes as a surprise, since in 2004 the American Psychological Association said that there is "little evidence that polygraph tests can accurately detect lies."

Are you dying to know if it's homicide or murder?

The last time you watched a crime show or a movie involving the death of one person at the hands of another, chances are the characters used the words homicide and murder interchangeably. In reality, the definitions of the two words include important distinctions.

Alleged perp of anti-Semitic threats claims brain tumor as defense

A 19 year-old suspected of calling in bomb threats to dozens of Jewish community centers in the U.S. has been arrested in Israel. The man, a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen, has put forward a pretty compelling defense: a brain tumor made him do it.

Protect yourself against police attempts to get false confessions

Did you know that about 12 percent of wrongful convictions stem from false confessions? As noted by the National Registry of Exonerations, that means that more than 200 people have been convicted of a crime after saying that they did something they did not actually do. And that only includes cases where the conviction is known to be wrongful.

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