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Medical and recreational marijuana laws in Arizona

Whether or not Americans are in favor of this shift, the marijuana industry has become a giant across the nation. While states such as California and Colorado are already witnessing a massive boom in both medical and recreational sales, states such as Florida and Arizona are experiencing gray areas. 

Second superceding indictment in alleged drug case

Most people in Arizona have likely heard or read media reports about what many are calling an opioid crisis in the United States. In the past couple of years, more attention has been being paid to the number of people said to be developing addictions to prescription drugs and eventually dying due to some form of an overdose. As this has developed, some have been trying to put more responsibility for these deaths on the people accused of selling the drugs rather than on the people who become addicted to them.

Group faces multiple charges including drugs and more

People who are accused of criminal activities in Arizona may often find themselves facing a myriad of charges rather than just one single charge even though all of the charges are ultimately related to the same case. This may end up leaving them feeling overwhelmed and that is understandable. Whether someone faces one, two or more charges in a single case, it is important for a defendant to know that all of the details associated with each charge should be carefully reviewed during the defense process as sometimes it is the smallest of details that can make the biggest difference in the outcome of their case.

Can a wiretap order be effective outside its issuing jurisdiction?

If a federal judge in Kansas issues a wiretapping order to federal law enforcement, can they rely on that order when the target travels to another state? Or rather, if law enforcement neglects to get a new order from the new state, is the evidence admissible?

Sessions urges drug crackdown to fight deadly overdose epidemic

Speaking before the annual conference of the National Alliance For Drug Endangered Children, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions called America's overdose epidemic "the top lethal issue" in the United States. To fight it, he urged social workers and law enforcement personnel to "create and foster a culture that's hostile to drug use."

Justice Dept. appears poised to crack down on marijuana crimes

Over the past decade, the tide on marijuana seemed to turn. Over half of U.S. states, including Arizona, have legalized the drug for at least medical purposes. Eight states and the District of Columbia have decriminalized it for recreational use.

Sheriff's dragnet-style mass search of students spurs controversy

Should law enforcement pursue the War on Drugs by searching everyone they encounter until every hidden cache of drugs is found? Most people would say no; even more if it meant an intimate, under-clothes search of each of our kids. Searching every student because a small minority is involved in drug activity seems absurd.

Will the DOJ push prosecutors toward the harshest possible sentences?

The Associated Press has obtained information about an upcoming policy guidance memo that would urge prosecutors to file the most serious charges they believe they can prove in court. This would be a reversal of the Obama Justice Department's guidance that low-level offenders should not be sentenced to long-term incarceration.

Prince's death investigation finds possibly illegal prescription

A year after the artist Prince's death, documents have been released that offer new details of how the 57-year-old musician died. Most important, perhaps, the documents indicate that Prince's doctor may have prescribed opioid medication to him under another person's name. In this case, a prescription for oxycodone was written for Prince's close friend and bodyguard.

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