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Arizona has an extreme DUI? What's that?

When it comes to drinking and driving, Arizona is a zero tolerance state. That means that if an officer suspects that you are too impaired to drive, he or she may arrest you even if your blood alcohol concentration is below .08, which is the state's legal limit.

Horizontal gaze nystagmus can't determine marijuana impairment

More and more states are enacting laws that decriminalize the use of marijuana. Some have even legalized it for recreational purposes. In Arizona or a surrounding region, you can still run into major legal problems if a police officer pulls you over and arrests you because he or she thinks you've been driving while high on cannabis. This type of situation will fall under a DUI category.

Did an officer fail to inform you of your rights during arrest?

When watching television shows or movies in which police take a person into custody or attempt to search that person's property, you may have heard the character say "I have rights!" While that action may seem somewhat overdramatic for the storyline, everyone in Arizona and across the country does have legal rights. Of course, you may not always know what your rights are.

Things you should know about Arizona DUI laws

If you drink a beer, then drive a car, are you breaking the law? The answer depends on several factors. It's true that consuming a small amount of alcohol may not necessarily lead to illegal operation of a motor vehicle if you then drive to a convenience store or some other location. It's also true that alcohol reacts differently in every person's bloodstream, so a small amount may not make one person legally intoxicated, but may present serious problems for another.

Understanding specific drug charges may prove useful to you

When facing a criminal situation, you may feel at a loss. You could think that everyone has already made up their minds about you and the charges brought against you and that you have no chance of getting out of the predicament. For a moment, you may consider taking the easiest way out and simply accepting the consequences that come along with that choice.

Officers may fail to follow proper procedures during DUI arrests

A sense of panic often sets in when drivers see flashing blue lights in their rearview mirrors. If this happened to you, your mind may have immediately begun running through dozens of thoughts wondering what may have raised the officer's suspicions and caused the need for a traffic stop.

These Arizona DUI laws might influence your decisions

If you are age 21 or beyond, the law permits you to purchase, sell (so long as you do so within an establishment that has a liquor license) and consume alcohol. In fact, you may be one of many Arizona residents who celebrated their 21st birthday by venturing out to a local pub and ordering your first "legal" alcoholic beverage. You may still enjoy getting together with friends for a few cold ones now and again. There is no law prohibiting you from doing so.

What your eyesight has to do with possible DUI charges

As a conscientious driver, you're likely already aware that if you drink alcohol then get behind the wheel of a car to drive, you are taking a risk. Arizona law and other state laws prohibit operation of motor vehicles when the alcohol in your bloodstream exceeds certain limits. In most states, that limit is .08 percent. Your blood alcohol content may not be the only factor that impacts your situation if a police officer pulls you over on suspicion of drunk driving.

Don't let DUI drive a wedge between you and your chosen college

Applying for college can be quite a stressful experience. You may have anywhere from five to 20 schools on your application list. There are a number of issues that may impede your chances of gaining acceptance into your school of choice, one of which happens to be a DUI conviction. Still, there's no reason to lose all hope if a police officer pulls you over and you wind up facing alcohol-related charges.

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