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Medical and recreational marijuana laws in Arizona

Whether or not Americans are in favor of this shift, the marijuana industry has become a giant across the nation. While states such as California and Colorado are already witnessing a massive boom in both medical and recreational sales, states such as Florida and Arizona are experiencing gray areas. 

Most Arizona residents interested in this industry attribute the slow movement to the fact that it is a red state. Others look to the debate surrounding marijuana's benefits. Regardless of which stance residents find themselves taking, marijuana legalization is a topic that America has placed major focus on in recent years. 

Current Laws 

The progress in many states has been promising, but as marijuana reform organization NORML shares, the penalties in some states have remained steep. In Arizona, possession of under two pounds of marijuana can result in a felony, with four months' to two years' jail time. Even possession of paraphernalia could result in a felony. Sale and trafficking of marijuana can result in even stricter repercussions. 

Future Change

AZCentral News reported this week that Arizona may be following the lead of other states: recreational marijuana could become legal in the near future. The House Concurrent Resolution 2037 would potentially allow the possession up to one ounce of marijuana for those aged 21 and over. While Arizona has legalized medical marijuana, some jurisdictions have not turned to full legalization. Many attempts to legalize recreational marijuana have fallen short of passing. However, as AZCentral shares, the most recent attempts are co-sponsored by a Republican; this bill would also give more power to voters than to Legislature. The fact that these efforts constitute as a bipartisan proposal could also lead to a more balanced ballot measure. There are typically pros and cons that come with every change in a community, but Arizona's marijuana laws may see major shifts around the corner.            


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