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March 2018 Archives

Tax mistakes: fraud or negligence?

While countless Americans have yet to begin the yearly process of filing taxes, some have already experienced issues along the way. There are a number of stages that could go wrong during this potentially tricky procedure, but one that can have the biggest impact involves tax evasion. Arizona, like other states, enforces strict laws surrounding tax fraud. What are the repercussions, and how can one tell the difference between tax evasion and negligence? 

Medical and recreational marijuana laws in Arizona

Whether or not Americans are in favor of this shift, the marijuana industry has become a giant across the nation. While states such as California and Colorado are already witnessing a massive boom in both medical and recreational sales, states such as Florida and Arizona are experiencing gray areas. 

Things you should know about Arizona DUI laws

If you drink a beer, then drive a car, are you breaking the law? The answer depends on several factors. It's true that consuming a small amount of alcohol may not necessarily lead to illegal operation of a motor vehicle if you then drive to a convenience store or some other location. It's also true that alcohol reacts differently in every person's bloodstream, so a small amount may not make one person legally intoxicated, but may present serious problems for another.

State changes mind on death penalty

Arizona is one of the states in the country where the death penalty is still legal and some prosecutors continue to push for this as the ultimate penalty for select offenses. However, defendants should know that even if a prosecution has requested the death penalty be given to them, this is not always what will happen.

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