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How can a restraining order impact your life?

When an Arizona resident like you has been threatened or served with a restraining order, you may find your life impacted in multiple ways. Some of these impacts may be predictable, but others can take you by surprise.

As stated by Career Trend, restraining orders can have an extensive and lasting impact on your life. For example, a restraining order can show up during background checks. This can negatively impact your ability to get a job in the future, since employers may choose not to hire you because of this mark on your record.

If you travel through borders often, it will also come up when you go through customs. Generally speaking, the border patrol officer will only check to ensure that you aren't seeing the person who filed a restraining order, or traveling with them. However, it's up to the border guard to decide whether or not to let you into the country. It's possible that you could be denied entrance.

Of course, there's also the social impact to consider. Having a restraining order on your record can easily alienate you from your surrounding communities. It acts as a sort of "red flag", telling people around you to be cautious even if you aren't guilty of what you have been accused of. You could have trouble with workmates, neighbors, or even family or friends.

As you can see, the impact of a restraining order can be far-reaching and stressful. You may not have even taken some of these effects into consideration. For that reason, you may wish to see what legal actions can be taken to defend yourself against a restraining order.

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