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November 2017 Archives

A third of teens think driving while high is legal in some states

A survey of teens and parents earlier this year found a disturbing misinformation trend. Fully 33 percent of teens reported believing that, where marijuana is legal for recreational use, driving while high is also legal. Over 20 percent said that driving while high is common among their friends. Parents were only slightly less likely to be misinformed. Twenty-seven percent believed driving while high was legal in recreational use states, and 14 percent said it was common behavior among their friends.

Knowing how to handle a traffic stop could prove invaluable

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious offense, and a conviction may carry severe penalties that could have a substantial impact on your future. In some cases, it could take something as simple as a burnt-out tail light to spark a traffic stop, and if an officer becomes suspicious of additional wrongdoing, you could be facing similar charges.

Justice Department considers limiting repeat corporate punishment

"Repeated punishment for the same conduct has the potential to undermine the spirit of fair play and the rule of law," said Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the No. 2 official at the Justice Department. "This is why the department is committed to making a concerted effort to apportion penalties among both international and domestic agencies, where appropriate."

What can I expect during a DUI arrest?

Of all the places to get a DUI, Arizona is probably the worst. The state has some of the strictest laws with the harshest penalties, and you are certain to feel the repercussions of a conviction for many years to come. Because of the state's high standards for DUIs, you may find yourself under arrest even if you aren't intoxicated. An officer may charge you with drunk driving based on the slightest suspicion of impairment.

What are the common types of white collar crime?

The phrase "white collar crime" does not refer to just one type of illegal activity. Rather, it refers to several different crimes, all of which fall under the umbrella of white collar crime. Typically, white collar crime refers to a crime that is intended to achieve financial gain through the use of deceit.

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