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How to steer clear of drunk driving charges after a party

You may be one of many Arizona residents eagerly anticipating many of the activities and special occasions that typically accompany autumn. For instance, NFL fans throughout the nation are already enjoying the first games of the season. If you like to get together with friends for a tailgate party or enjoy a few burgers and beers at a friend's house on game days, you may look forward to yummy half-time snacks, festive team spirit decorations and various types of beverages to accompany your culinary football delights.

In fact, an entire culture has been built up around NFL game days and parties throughout the nation. Whether you're a Cardinals fan or pledge your allegiance to some other team in the league, eagerly anticipating game time with your friends and loved ones may be just the ticket to help you through a long and tiring work week. If you plan on imbibing alcohol during the next game, you may want to think ahead to your post-game transportation plans to avoid DUI problems on your way home.

Community services that may help you avoid post-game criminal charges

Some people mistakenly believe that a DUI is a traffic offense when in fact, it is much more serious. If a police officer charges you with driving under the influence of alcohol, it means you are facing possible jail time as well as other severe penalties if the court hands down a conviction. Therefore, when you're planning your next game-day event, you may want to remember the following list of services (or other local contacts) that can help you avoid DUI trouble after the game:

  • Since you already likely spend money on NFL game tickets, food, and drinks, you may not mind spending a little more to secure a safe ride home if you have been consuming alcohol. Of course, the Saferide America service isn't just available for NFL events; in fact, the company has been providing safe travel means for clients for more than a decade. Basically, you pay for them to send a driver and a backup car to help you get home without driving drunk.
  • If you're a member of AAA, you may already be familiar with the company's Tipsy Tow service. If you don't want to get behind the wheel because you believe alcohol has impaired your ability to drive safely, you can place a call to AAA to come to your aid. With this service, not only can you secure a safe ride home for yourself, the service usually allows you to provide safe travel for a passenger as well.

You can always do a little research ahead of time in your own locale to see what other similar services may be available to avoid DUI. Sometimes, drivers simply choose to give a friend their keys and ask for a ride home. It's not always necessary to hire a company, but it's often a convenient way to get help reaching your destination safely.

Even when you think you have all your bases covered, things don't always go as planned. If for some reason a police officer pulls you over on your way home and winds up filing DUI charges against you, you still may be able to avoid conviction by securing experienced legal assistance before heading to court.

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