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Fighting back against a DUI in Arizona

Criminal charges of any kind have the potential to bring serious repercussions upon your life. You may think because it is your first drunk driving offense that you do not really have any consequences of significance to worry about, but that is not the case. In reality, even a first-time DUI could have serious consequences, and it is worthwhile to defend yourself and your interests.

Arizona drivers can face various penalties for a drunk driving conviction, even if it is the first one. No matter your criminal history, you would benefit from knowing how to protect yourself and possibly mitigate some of the potential penalties that could have a negative impact on your life.

The penalties for a first DUI in Arizona

While it is possible to seek to have a first-time DUI dismissed or the charges against you reduced, don't underestimate the serious nature of your legal situation. A conviction could bring the following penalties for a first-time drunk driving offender:

  • At least 10 days in jail
  • Fines no less than $1,250
  • Mandatory alcohol treatment or education
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device
  • Community service 

A drunk driving arrest is a threat to your personal freedoms, your right to drive and your financial well-being. It is prudent to take your situation seriously, securing guidance regarding the optimal approach to your defense.

Charges of extreme DUI

Not all first-time DUIs are the same in Arizona. Some drivers may face even more serious charges, even if it their first offense, if their blood alcohol content level is 0.15 percent or higher. If convicted of extreme DUI, you could face the following penalties:

  • Jail sentence of at least 30 days
  • Fines of at least $2,500
  • Alcohol screening, treatment and education programs
  • Installation of ignition interlock device
  • Mandatory community service

There is much at stake when you are facing charges of drunk driving or extreme DUI. You have no time to lose in pursuing a full explanation of your defense options.

Protect yourself and your future

You may feel overwhelmed by your situation and the potential penalties you are facing, but a conviction is never your only option. You have the right to fight back and to seek a beneficial outcome to your situation. From challenging the prosecution's case, the results of a breath test or the grounds for the initial traffic stop, there could be various ways you could fight drunk driving charges of all kinds.

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