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A robbery conviction can steal your future

Robbery is a crime that the state of Arizona does not take lightly. If you are facing robbery charges, how you handle your case and who you have on your side matters. A conviction on such a charge could steal your future from you.

As is common for anyone who is facing criminal charges, you likely have a lot of questions. Some of these might be: What is the definition of robbery? What elements must prosecuting attorneys establish to achieve a conviction? What are the consequences, and is there any way to successfully defend myself? All of these are good questions that deserve answers.

What is the definition of robbery?

To have committed a robbery, one must use force or intimidation to take another person's property or money. Depending on the details of the alleged crime, a robbery charge may upgrade to armed or aggravated if there is evidence of weapon use.

Case elements

According to Findlaw, there are four elements that have to exist in order for a prosecuting attorney to achieve a conviction. These are:

  • The accused used force or intimidation
  • The victim had reason to fear for his or her safety
  • Property or money was taken from the victim's immediate possession
  • The accused did, or attempted to, flee the scene with the property or money

If even one of these elements is missing, a judge may dismiss the case.

Consequences and defense

The consequences tied to a robbery conviction generally include prison time and fines. The severity of these penalties will all depend on the details of the crime of which one stands accused. Believe it or not, there are defense strategies available that can help you if you are facing a robbery charge. You do not just have to accept whatever punishment the court is ready to assign you.

After a careful review of your case, your legal counsel will be able to help you decide the best course of action to take. Options generally include fighting the charges, seeking a plea agreement or pursuing alternative sentencing options -- among others. Figuring out the best way to go can be difficult, but with assistance, you can make informed decisions that will help you as you navigate the criminal court system and seek the best outcome possible for the situation at hand.

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