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March 2017 Archives

Does wearing a Fitbit mean you consent to collection of evidence?

Suppose for the moment that you were the victim of a violent crime. Could you use evidence from your Fitbit (or another fitness tracker) to demonstrate that your heart rate spiked at the time of the incident? Now suppose you're the accused. Can the police use your Fitbit log or another Internet-connected app to prove what you were doing?

What to do if pulled over by a cop

You are driving home from a night out with your friends and, suddenly, you see the lights of a cop car flashing behind you. This is a scary situation, even if you have not been drinking or engaging in any illegal activity. How you handle the next few minutes could have a big impact on what happens in the following weeks.

Here's what to know about the arrest process

Getting arrested isn't a pleasurable experience for anyone, but whether you think the arrest is justified or not there are rules and protocols that police, prosecutors, and the court need to follow to ensure that any evidence they gather during the arrest process is admissible and maximize the strength of their case against you.

What are the penalties for embezzlement in Arizona?

When people think of embezzlement, they often imagine some high-powered executive stealing millions of dollars from a big corporation. In reality, embezzlement can involve any amount of money and any type of person. In fact, it is not unusual for an otherwise-law-abiding person to be accused of taking a few thousand dollars from a church, school or other organization.

Protect yourself against police attempts to get false confessions

Did you know that about 12 percent of wrongful convictions stem from false confessions? As noted by the National Registry of Exonerations, that means that more than 200 people have been convicted of a crime after saying that they did something they did not actually do. And that only includes cases where the conviction is known to be wrongful.

What to know about field sobriety tests

Getting pulled over by the police can cause a great deal of anxiety for some drivers. You may have heard the phrase, "stay sober or get pulled over." With an uptick in DUI cases, law enforcement agencies are cracking down on drunk driving. That means police are looking for any probable cause to pull over anyone suspected of driving under the influence.

4 myths about assault charges

Assault charges are some of the most common charges in Arizona. They can be filed in response to a number of different situations, even when no one is hurt. However, despite how common they are, there are still many misconceptions about assault charges.

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