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February 2017 Archives

One state pushes for domestic violence registry

Domestic violence is a very troubling issue across Arizona; there is no doubt about that. However, it is also an issue that can be very difficult to address. After all, there are situations in which a violent or physical response is accidental, necessary or fabricated. Unfortunately, people are often quick to condemn an alleged offender, and they often demand the harshest penalties possible.

How a high school diploma can help if you are facing drug charges

There have been many stories, discussions and debates surrounding the issue of sentences for drug crimes. People talk about whether they should be harsher, more lenient or focused more on rehabilitation or more on punishment. Mandatory minimums are also a point of great contention when it comes to drug crime sentences.

DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols: You have rights

Over the weekend, you may have noticed an increase in police patrols in and around Arizona. As reported by news outlets, this was no accident. Enhanced DUI enforcement efforts were in effect because of two major sporting events -- the Waste Management Phoenix Open and the Super Bowl -- that can lead to higher rates of drinking and driving.

Supreme Court makes clarification for insider trading charges

Insider trading charges have the potential to result in some severe penalties. However, just because a person is charged does not mean he or she is already guilty. There are several defense strategies and approaches that could help people avoid or minimize the penalties they are facing.

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