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Justice Dept. appears poised to crack down on marijuana crimes

Over the past decade, the tide on marijuana seemed to turn. Over half of U.S. states, including Arizona, have legalized the drug for at least medical purposes. Eight states and the District of Columbia have decriminalized it for recreational use.

Sheriff's dragnet-style mass search of students spurs controversy

Should law enforcement pursue the War on Drugs by searching everyone they encounter until every hidden cache of drugs is found? Most people would say no; even more if it meant an intimate, under-clothes search of each of our kids. Searching every student because a small minority is involved in drug activity seems absurd.

Will the DOJ push prosecutors toward the harshest possible sentences?

The Associated Press has obtained information about an upcoming policy guidance memo that would urge prosecutors to file the most serious charges they believe they can prove in court. This would be a reversal of the Obama Justice Department's guidance that low-level offenders should not be sentenced to long-term incarceration.

Prince's death investigation finds possibly illegal prescription

A year after the artist Prince's death, documents have been released that offer new details of how the 57-year-old musician died. Most important, perhaps, the documents indicate that Prince's doctor may have prescribed opioid medication to him under another person's name. In this case, a prescription for oxycodone was written for Prince's close friend and bodyguard.

How a high school diploma can help if you are facing drug charges

There have been many stories, discussions and debates surrounding the issue of sentences for drug crimes. People talk about whether they should be harsher, more lenient or focused more on rehabilitation or more on punishment. Mandatory minimums are also a point of great contention when it comes to drug crime sentences.

To Weed or Not to Weed: How Legalizing Marijuana Will Affect Arizona

Q: What is Felony DUI?

A 27 year-old Arizona woman has been charged with Felony DUI in California for an accident on October 12, 2016. She reportedly crossed into the lane of an SUV waiting to make a left turn, which contained a 64 year-old driver and her unrestrained dog on her lap.

Taking the High Road in Arizona

Q: What impact would legalization of marijuana for recreational use have on Arizona DUI cases?

With the long-fought and highly-contentious presidential election campaign kicking into high gear, people might have lost sight of some statewide initiatives on the ballot this November. But in Arizona and a handful of other states, it's particularly important for voters to stop and smell the-marijuana.

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